Christmas Crackers – Make your Own

We take a look at how you can create perfect Christmas Crackers at home.

Christmas Crackers – How To Make Your Own

Inside a make your own cracker pack

Make your own Christmas crackers

Christmas Crackers are a must have for any party, decoration on the tree or simply to put around the home. With our make your own cracker kits you can create amazing Christmas crackers at home. What’s even better is that they are a perfect mini make for little hands – a fun activity for schools, nurseries or even you crafty parents. Our Christmas cracker kits come with a hat and a joke and there is plenty of room inside for more goodies should you wish to add some extra festive magic (why not try decorating our festive cut outs for an extra surprise or add some festive tissue shreds for an added extra after the snap).

Follow our step by step guide here to ensure your Christmas crackers are ready and party perfect.

Step 1) Fold crackers along triangles

Fold crackers along triangles

Fold the cardboard along the triangles (or diamonds depending on your perspective)

Step 2)
Secure the cracker using the flaps

Close up picture of the cracker

Roll the cracker so you can insert the flap securely in the cut out gap (this may require some fiddling)

Step 3)Securing the end of the cracker

Using the same method as above fix one end of the cracker together

Step 4)Using the gold ribbon

Tie the Ribbon around the end of the cracker

Tie the ribbon tight

Take the gold ribbon (already cut for you) and tie it tightly around the end of the cracker you have just secured

Step 5)Take the snap

The hat and the joke

Take the snap, hat and joke ready to place inside the Christmas cracker (at this point if you did want to add any more surprises to the cracker you can do so)

Step 6)Placing the snap inside

Using the method described in step 2 fix the other end of the cracker using the flap. Place the items inside the cracker (you may want to tape one end of the snap to the cracker to hold it in place)

Step 7)Tie in place

Take another piece of gold ribbon and tie the other side so that your cracker is secure

And there you have a beautiful Christmas cracker ready to be snapped!

Cracker montage

Have you used our kit at home? We would love to see your own Christmas cracker makes.

You can take a look at our Christmas Cracker Video here

Until next time – Stay Creative!

The Bright Ideas Team x