Christmas Tree – How to makes

Christmas if fast approaching and we have teamed together with our crafting guru Michelle from the Crafty Foxes to come up with a few Christmas fun themed craft ideas for you to try out at home.  Make your own pipe cleaner Christmas tree or why not try your hand at a home-made lolly stick tree….perfect to hang on your own tree or even as a gift!


Let’s start with ….

Make 1 – Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

You will need the following items:


Let’s get started!

1. First curl your pipe cleaner into a snail shell shape.

2. Next, carefully pull up from the centre of the snail shape to be top of the tree.

3. Finally glue your pom poms / buttons to the pipe cleaner.

4. You now have your christmas tree!  Great idea as a mini decoration for tables and shelves.



Make 2 – Lolly Stick Tree

These lolly stick christmas tree ornaments are easy and fun to make.  Once you have made your outlines from lolly sticks, the fun will begin.

You can decorate them however you want!


Shopping List:



  1. Start by placing the lolly sticks in a triangle and glue together at each point with a glue dot as per above picture.
  2. Next step is to paint the sticks Green (we used poster paint).
  3. Once the sticks have dried it’s time to decorate! You can stick buttons everywhere like we have done (see below picture) or you can decorate however you wish!
  4. We used card to make the trunk, using a pair of sciccors carefully cut a rectangle approx size 3cm x 5cm then stick to the back of the lolly stick.
  5. Finishing touches…Place a star made by card on top of the tree and use some ribbon to hang your fabulous decoration!

Christmas lolly-stick-tree

We hope you enjoy making some of these ideas.

Until next time – happy crafting

The team at Bright Ideas and Michelle from the Crafty Foxes x