Christmas Wreaths – How to Makes

Christmas Wreaths

Why not try and make your own Christmas Wreaths?  Here are a couple of craft ideas for you to try.  A Leaf Christmas Wreath and a Jute Ribbon Christmas Wreath …. happy crafting!


Christmas Wreaths

Leaf Christmas Wreath

1.    To start you need to cut out the wreath shape.  Using an old cereal box or some stiff card draw around a large plate, place a smaller plate in the middle and draw around

2.    Now cut out the cardboard ring – don’t worry about being too neat with this, we will be covering it with paper leaves so no one will be able to see it!

3.    Cut out a template of a leaf

4.    We have chosen a green theme for our wreath so have selected lots of different green colours and types of card, paper, tissue and crepe.  You will need about 50 leaves ….

5.     When you have cut out all of your leaves you need to staple each leaf to the cardboard ring.  As you do each layer you will need to overlap the leaves.   Make sure you hide the staples with each leaf you add

6.     Add a bow to the front and a hanging loop on the top and hey presto – your very own handmade Christmas Leaf Wreath








Jute Christmas Wreath

For this one we have used 2 rolls of our Jute Ribbon, a pre-brought wreath wire and pulled it all together with some florist wire.

Using the florist wire you need to catch the jute ribbon and gather and scrunch whilst wrapping the florist wire around the wreath frame to secure the jute ribbon to the frame




We added some Glitter Pom Poms to our Christmas Wreath for that extra bit of festive cheer! ……







Happy Crafting.  Many thanks as always to our crafting guru, Michelle from the Crafty Foxes for these great “How To Makes” ….

Until next time …..


Materials needed for “Christmas Wreaths – How to Makes”

Here is what you will need:

  • Cardboard or an old cereal packet
  • A selection of paper, card, tissue and crepe in your chosen colours
  • Stapler – ask an adult for help
  • Scissors – always get an adult to help with cutting
  • Ribbon to decorate
  • Wreath wire and florist wire
  • Jute Ribbon