How To Make A Fun Animal Bookmark

Michelle from The Crafty Foxes has come up with another crafty “how-to make” these fabulous Corner Bookmarks!

Reading will be a whole lot more fun after your children make their own cute corner bookmarks!  Why not be as creative as you like as they’re FUN and easy to make.

Here is a step to step guide, you can really let your imagination go wild by creating some really cool creatures.

Let the fun begin…

Hedgehog Corner Bookmark

Please see below what is required:


Let’s get started…

1.   We have chosen the Brown Paper sheet to make a hedgehog corner bookmark

2.   Take the sheet of paper and fold it in half and glue together – we used a glue stick

3.   Fold the piece of paper diagonally, once folded carefully trim off remaining rectangle with scissors so you are left with a square just like in the picture below


4.   Fold right hand corner point up and into the middle.  Repeat this on left hand corner so it looks like the picture below


5.   Again you should have a square just like ours above

6.   Now…open out the corners you just folded and taking only the top layer from middle fold down to meet the bottom edge.

7.   Fold right hand piece in and tuck it over the existing fold, repeat with other side …  picture’s below to help you


8.   To finish your hedgehog take some of the left over paper and carefully cut with scissors a zig zag strip to make the hedgehog spikes – glue under the top flap

9.   We are now ready to stick on a couple of wiggly eyes and to make a nose with the corner off an off-cut of Black paper

10. You have now created a super cute hedgehog that is ready to be used for all the little book lovers out there … happy reading!




Take a look at some more corner bookmarks that we have created.  Remember you can be as creative as you like…maybe add some ears, teeth or even a feather!




We hope you enjoy making some of these ideas….

Happy Crafting!



Materials needed for “How To Make A Fun Animal Bookmark”

As well as the suggested products shown below you will also need to have some basic crafting supplies to hand:

  • Scissors – always get an adult to help with any cutting.