Easter Fun – How to makes

Easter is fast approaching and we have teamed together with our crafting guru Michelle from the Crafty Foxes to come up with a few Easter fun themed ideas for you to try out at home.  Make your own Pom Pom Friends including Easter Chicks and an Easter Bunny or why not try your hand at a home-made Easter Chick themed card and finally a Bunny Hat – perfect for your Easter Day Egg Hunt


Let’s start with ….

Make 1 – Pom Pom Friends

You will need the following items:

easter-pom-pom-bunny1.     These funky little Pom Poms chicks are loads of fun and super easy to make

2.     First of all you need to get your bag of Pom Poms – we have used the yellow ones to make our chicks – use two different sizes and glue dot them together

3.      Next using either some orange felt or some orange card cut our some wings, feet and a beak

4.      Now to assemble – we used glue dots as they are quick and easy and not at all messy.  Stick on the wiggly eyes on the top smaller pom pom, locate the beak in the middle and secure this with another glue dot.   The wings need to be secured on the side and the feet at the bottom – hey presto – your very own Easter Chick!!!!!




We also made a colourful Easter Rabbit using bright pink Pom Poms and purple felt – you can make the whiskers with some cotton or pipe cleaners!




Make 2 – “Happy Easter” Card


So simple – a personalised card especially for Easter!

Shopping List:




  1. Start by folding a piece of A4 card in half to make your card
  2. Taking a pack of Yellow Pom Poms select some different sizes to make your Easter Chicks
  3. Glue dot them to your card with the smaller pom pom on the top and the larger one on the bottom
  4. Next take an orange felt pen and draw on a beak and some feet on each chick and with a black felt pen write your Easter message ….
  5. Now for some eyes – we have used our 7mm wiggly eyes this time – just glue dot them onto your chicks
  6. To personalise it you can write all your family’s names against a chick
  7. Fabulous one Easter Card to present to someone special!


Make 3 – Bunny Hat

Want to stand out from the crowd at Easter time?  Why not try making your own Easter Bunny Hat ….. here is an idea of how Michelle decorated ours but we are sure you can think of your own spring-time ideas ….


Here’s what you need:

Let’s make a hat:

  1. Stick 2 sheets of White A4 card together length-ways – we used a corrugated card
  2. Next you need to make the hat so that it will fit nicely on your head;  you can either measure your head with a piece of string or wrap the white card around your head, mark up and cut of the excess – remember to leave a bit to overlap for sticking down
  3. Stick the card together so that you form a hat shape
  4. Now for the bunny ears – draw two ears on another piece of card and cut them out
  5. Stick your ears to the front of your hat – remember to leave a gap
  6. We now need 2 rectangles for our bunny teeth.  When you are happy with them cut them out and stick the to the front of your hat
  7. For the nose we have used a bright fluffy pink Pom Pom and some pipe cleaners/stems for the whiskers – stick them on your bunny hat with some glue dots – then stick on some wiggly eyes!
  8. Finally we scrunched up some tissue paper into little balls and stuck these onto the ears – a perfect Bunny Hat personalised just for you!





We hope you enjoy making some of these ideas over the Easter break ….

Until next time – happy crafting

The team at Bright Ideas and Michelle from the Crafty Foxes x