Firework Rocket ‘How to’

We show you how to make a Firework Rocket perfect for this season. This weekend we had an arts and crafts session with some friends. We had so much fun using glitter, felt and glue. We hope you are having a really crafty half term – we would love to hear about it.

Firework Rocket ‘how to’ – I love this time of year. Cosy jumpers, scarfs and hats, the heating on at home, the crunch of the leaves as you walk down the path. However I also feel this season you can be so much craftier in the classroom/nursery room or even at home. This firework rocket ‘how to’ shows how you can create a simple bookmark, decoration or can be used as a perfect way to introduce different textures and craft methods to children. We had so much fun we even made Christmas trees as well!

What we used

To begin we gathered all of the stuff we were going to need for create our Firework rocket. You can find a full list of materials used below (of course you can choose whatever you like to complete your look).

Firework Rocket how to steps 1-5

1) Using scissors, carefully cut out a rectangle any size you like on any of the paper you wish to use. We chose the black card for the body of our rocket.

2) Using another coloured piece of paper (or felt or card) cut out a triangle. You can have the base of the triangle larger or the same size as the body of your rocket it really is up to you.

3) Using the sellotape stick the lollipop stick to the back of the black card making sure it is secure

4) Stick the triangle to the top of your card. We secured it at both the back and the front to make sure the tip of the rocket didn’t go floppy. You could also use glue for this part.

Firework Rocket how to steps 6-10

5) Next using the star garland we attached this to the back of the card next to the lollipop stick at a slight angle so it really did look like the sparkles coming out the end of the rocket.

6) That is the basic part of the rocket done. Next for the decoration- this part really as no limitation you can go crazy with glitter, glue, felt and sparkles. We chose some gold glitter stars and using glue we fixed them to the front of the rocket.

7) ZOOOOOOOM! And there you have a simple, easy yet effective Firework rocket ready for bonfire night.

We enjoyed this so much we decided to do another one;

Rocket 2 Firework Rocket how to steps 1-5

Rocket 2 Firework Rocket how to steps 6-10

For this rocket we used felt circles and we glued the rocket tip on. Everything else was kept the same.

What else we got up to!

Other makes- with bright ideas

Other makes- with bright ideas

Other makes- with bright ideas

We hope you enjoyed this ‘how to’ we really did have so much fun.

Until next time – Stay Creative

The Bright Ideas Team x

Materials needed for “Firework Rocket ‘How to’”

You can use anything to achieve this fun project however if you are looking for some ideas please see the suggested products below.