Guy Fawkes Crafts- Top 10

Here Bright Ideas take a look at Guy Fawkes Crafts – from fireworks to bonfires and everything in between!

Guy Fawkes Crafts- Bright Ideas top 10.

We love to moan about this time of year. The evenings get darker, the days get cold, the leaves fall from the trees but I find this time of year so much fun. In summer you don’t get to put your heating on and cuddle up to a loved one under a blanket or light that autumnal scented candle and kick the leaves as you walk past (yes we are big kids really). Today we are going to show you how to be really crafty this November with our top ten Guy Fawkes Crafts. Bright Ideas Crafts is the place to find your craft supplies; whether it is school craft supplies, wholesale craft supplies or just kids crafts supplies we have pretty much everything you need to complete a fantastic project.

Now let’s take a look at our top 10 Guy Fawkes Crafts

1)  Indoor Sparklers by Activity Bucket

indoor sparklers by activity bucket

These little creations are fantastic and safe for even the littlest of hands. What’s even better is that you can get these done in about 10 minutes and create something that everyone will enjoy. We think these would look great with some of our glitter pom poms or star garland and why not add a sparkling finishing touch by dipping the end of the stick in glitter for a really magical Guy Fawkes Craft everyone will love.

2) Firework Rocket by Bright Ideas

Firework Rocket how to

If you visit our blog regularly you will have seen this one already. We decided to get crafty at the weekend and this was the result. This activity is a perfect project for children’s craft ideally ages 3-7 and a great way to introduce different craft materials and methods. Please head on over to our other blog post to find out how we did it.

3) Wet Chalk Fireworks by Crafty Morning


Chalky fireworks are any Guy Fawkes Crafts MUST HAVE but this one just takes this to another level simply by adding water. Take a look at this ‘How to’ by crafty morning and you will see how you can achieve this amazing picture in the classroom!  It just so happens we have chalk eggs which would be perfect for this creative craft combined with our black card all you need to add is water (psst these products also have 10% off for a limited time only) This craft is a perfect afternoon activity for schools, nurseries or even childminders.

4) Fireworks in a bottle by no twiddle twaddle

Fireworks in a bottle

Can’t have a fireworks display in your own home? Well this is the next best thing. This great craft was for 4th of July celebrations but it can be so easily adapted for Guy Fawkes Crafts check out the full ‘How to’ over at No Twiddle Twaddle. All you need is Chenille stems, star confetti and glitter (the colour choice is up to you). It’s like a snow globe for your fireworks and the perfect excuse to get excited for the 5th of November a great craft for children and adults and see what you can create.

5) Indoor Firework by my little 3 and me


We love this indoor firework! Who needs to go outside this November with our fab selection of Guy Fawkes Crafts! These play sparklers have a lovely crackling sound to them too that makes the firework experience all the more life-like! I think they’re a great way for children to re-enact and play make-believe firework celebrations all year round. We have plenty of cellophane to choose from and why not try using some of our chunky chenille stems and see what you can create!

6) Glitter Fireworks by Joys of home

Glitter Fireworks by Joys of Home

Quite possibly my favourite Guy Fawkes Craft on the list! This simple but effective creation can keep everyone entertained for hours. Deciding on glitter colours will be complicated enough and then seeing what kind of fireworks you can create will take you to another creative level! This is where you can let the kids be really crafty (and messy) why not take a look at our amazing range of glitters and paper and see what you can make.

7) Firework Ring  by Fantastic Fun and Learning


We showed you how to create the Halloween Spider ring a few weeks ago and this is the same principle and a great idea for a children’s craft. Using our great selection of metallic curly stems you can create this great Guy Fawkes Craft in the classroom, nursery room or of course at home. A must have accessory for any firework party or gathering!

8) Felt Shooting Star by Stephanie Vis via Pinterest

Felt shooting star

This is a great Guy Fawkes Craft, in fact it’s a great craft any time of the year. Perfect for older children, it can be used to teach them how to sew so it’s a great school craft. Shooting stars are my favourite type of firework so I love this simple yet gorgeous craft. We have stacks of felt ideal for this activity plus take a peek at our ribbon and see what design you can come up with.

9) Bonfire Collage by Activity Village

Bonfire collage by Activity Village

No Guy Fawkes Craft would be complete without a bonfire and with this one from Activity Village you are sure to get some warm feelings. Ideal for school crafting or a nursery activity I love the different textures involved in this collage- it’s a sensory delight! Take a look at our warm tissue and crepe paper that is sure to ignite your creative juices and get outside and find what sticks you can grab to make this collage come to life.

10) Catherine Wheel Firework by Nurture Store

Catherine Wheel Firework

This stunning little video shows you how you can create the ultimate firework… The Catherine Wheel. Usually I am terrified of these but this some is harmless but will be just as much fun. Take a look at our ‘Bonfire Night’ section of the website to see what goodies you can grab to recreate this timeless classic.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 Guy Fawkes Crafts for 2015- If you have tried these or some of your own we would love to hear from you @BrightICreative or send me an email and please don’t forget we have 10% OFF our ‘bonfire night‘ section of our website using code FIREWORK10 for a limited time only so make sure you grab yourself a firecracker of a deal.

Until next time- Stay Creative

The Bright Ideas Team x