How to Make – Halloween Spider

Lets make a spooky Halloween Spider Cup- great for Halloween.  We teamed up with our favourite crafting expert – Michelle from The Crafty Foxes – to come up with some fantastic ideas that you can make at home or in the classroom.   Spooky spider cups are a great spooky make for Halloween.  We have lots of ideas to keep you busy in the lead up to Halloween!!!





Spider Cup


Halloween Spider Cup – here’s a list of what you will need:


We are ready to go – creepy spider cup nearly ready:

Spider Cup


  1. Start by cutting the crepe paper into squares, we have found about the size of a postage stamp is the best size for this crafty project!
  2. Next spread the PVA Glue all over the cup in a thin layer
  3. Take your pre-cut crepe paper and stick them all over the cup until it is completely covered – leave it to dry for a while
  4. Add the Wiggly Eyes towards the bottom half of the cup – remember to leave some space for the scary mouth!
  5. Bend a Craft Stem into the shape of a scary mouth (if it is too long just cut it in half), we have used a yellow one but the choice is yours! – when it is scary enough stick it on your cup
  6. Next you need to bend the 8 Black Craft Stems into the shape of spiders legs – take a look at our picture above to see exactly what we mean….
  7. Cut 4 slits on either side of the bottom lid of the cup/yoghurt pot and secure your 8 spider legs into the slits
  8. All finished …. one Scary Spider Cup ready to spook people on Halloween!!!





Until next time, keep crafting!!

The Bright Ideas Team


Materials needed for “How to Make – Halloween Spider”

As well as using the suggested products shown below, you’ll also need to have some basic crafting supplies to hand for these Halloween ideas:

  • PVA glue – also known as Elmer’s glue or simply white crafting glue. It is gluggy and sticky and thick and perfect for all types of craft makes! (that said, any glue will do if you don’t specifically have PVA glue to hand)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors – always get an adult to help with cutting!
  • Pencil
  • Plastic cup or yoghurt pot