How to Make – Halloween Tin Can Bowling Game

Looking for some Halloween fun!  Why not try this fun Halloween Tin Can Bowling game ….





Halloween Tin Can Bowling Game

Let’s get started

Using some old (clean) tin cans, some rice, glue, 2 x balloons and items out of your crafting box you can make this Halloween Tin Can Bowling game …    Ready?  Start off by getting six clean old tin cans:




Next you will need to cover each can.  We have gone for a Halloween themed tin can bowling game but you can change your designs depending on the season – let your imagination run wild!

We delved into our Craft Paper Pack to find lots of different paper to make Ghosts, Mummies, Scary Pumpkins, Black Cats and Monsters.

  • Start by covering your can with a piece of paper or card that is large enough to go around the can
  • Mark the paper or card where the top of the can is on the paper and allow an 6cm to cover the diameter of the can





  • Next cut off any excess and cut slits into the top of the card which will cover the base of the can – just like the picture above
  • Now to cover your can.  Place your can with the base at the top – stick the paper around your can with glue and fold in the cut slits over the base of the can.  Secure down with some more glue – take a look at the pictures below



We have covered each can differently – the Mummy is made with strips of white crepe paper.  For the Ghost we made this from white card with some black felt cut out to make the scary eyes and mouth.  The Green Monster we made like this:




Some ideas for you to have a look at:



Top Tip:    

If using corrugated paper you will need to cut out a circle to fit on the base of the can.  Take a look at our purple monster …….



Bloodshot Eye Bowling Ball

Now we need to make a bowling ball!  Some rice, a plastic bag and 2 balloons …..




  • Take a handful of rice and place in a plastic bag
  • Push the rice into the corner of the bag and squeeze out any air
  • Tie in a knot and wrap remainder of the bag around to soften the knot
  • Cut the neck off a white balloon
  • Place the balloon over the bag of rice
  • Repeat the same process with the black balloon.  Cut off the neck of the black balloon and place over the white balloon already on the bag of rice.  MAKE SURE that you cover the hole left by the white balloon.  You should now have what resembles a black eyeball.  Draw in a pupil with a black pen and use a red pen to make some bloodshot eyes ….. perfect!!!







Materials needed for “How to Make – Halloween Tin Can Bowling Game”

As well as using the suggested products shown below, you’ll also need to have some basic crafting supplies to hand:

  • PVA glue
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors – always get an adult to help with cutting!
  • 6 x tin cans
  • Plastic bag
  • Rice
  • 2 x balloons, 1 white and 1 black