Handmade Christmas Cards — How to Make

Bringing you the ultimate handmade Christmas cards inspiration this festive season!

Christmas Cards


To make these handmade Christmas cards, you will need:


Now, the fun part! Here’s how to make the cards:

Gemstone Bauble Cards:

  1. Take a selection of jewels and gemstones, placing them in a sphere shape.
  2. Now, PVA glue a round circle onto the card (roughly the same size as what the gemstones will make).
  3. Next, carefully place your jewels and gemstones onto the glue, one by one.
  4. All that is left is to add the finishing touches with the gold gel pen!

Alternatively, create a row of baubles using 5 large gemstones as shown in the image!

Christmas Decoration Cards:

  1. Take a cut out decoration and cover in PVA glue.
  2. Sprinkle glitter over the bauble and gently shake to remove any excess.
  3. Thread a Christmas ribbon through the bauble.
  4. To finish, attach the ribbon to the card using a stapler.

If you loved this, why not try decorating the bauble cut out using sequins?

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Happy Crafting!

The Bright Ideas Team x