How To Make A Darth Vader Puppet

Feel the Force and create your own character mask for the Star Wars fan in your life with our latest craft make. This Darth Vader mask is simple and inexpensive to make and uses craft cupboard basics. Why not encourage your kids to re-enact key scenes from the movie and make other character masks too?


You will need:

Paper plate
Black Card
White paper / card
Black crepe paper or black paint (to colour the plate)
Ice lolly / wooden craft stick
Glue stick / PVA


  1. The first step is to colour your paper plate black. You can either do this using black paint or by covering the plate with black crepe paper.
  2. Take your paper plate and apply PVA / glue to the inside. Once you have done this, place it on a piece of crepe paper – ensuring that the crepe is larger than the plate.


3. Cut round the crepe – leaving a surplus of about 2cm around the entire plate. Now cut tabs from the surplus (as shown above).

4. Glue the back of each tab and fold back to stick to the back of your plate – pushing out any creases. You should now be left with a black plate (as shown below).


5. Next, make the cloak for Darth Vader. Using a piece of black card, cut a triangle shape with a flat top. We used the following measurements for ours; base of the triangle 17cm, decreasing to a width of 9.5cm at the top of the cloak.

6. Now taking your white paper or card, cut three triangle shapes – these will form your puppet’s eyes and mouth so ensure two of the triangles are the same size and a bit smaller than the mouth piece.
7. Next cut three strips of white paper or card -these will be used to make detailing on your face mask. Ensure that one of the strips is longer – as this will span the top of your plate.
8. Using a glue stick, fix the strips to the puppet’s face (in an arrangement similar to that shown below).

9. Now using a black marker pen (or three thin strips of black paper, card or crepe), create the detailing on the mouth of your puppet by drawing or glueing three black lines vertically in the middle of your puppet’s mouth piece.

10. Using the PVA glue, fix the wooden ice lolly stick to the back of your plate so that you can hold the mask.

11. Finally glue the cape onto your puppet to complete him.