Halloween Skull: How to Make — Halloween Crafts

It’s time to get creative this half term with some Halloween makes from Bright Ideas

HOW TO MAKE: Halloween Skull — Bright Ideas CraftsInspired by Día de Muertos or the Day of the Dead, this spooky skull DIY is perfect for crafting this Halloween.


– White card or felt
Acrylic gems
Coloured paper
– Scissors
– PVA glue (or double-sided tape)


  1. Cut out a simple skull shape from your white card or felt (approximately 20cm long).
  2. To make the eyes for the skull, cut two large oval shapes from black felt (approximately 7cm x 4cm).
  3. Stick the black eye sockets onto the skull so they are slightly angled out at the bottom.
  4. Now cut a heart shape from the same black felt – this will be the nose hole for the skull.
  5. Using your PVA glue, fix this upside-down between the eyes, approximately 3cm below the eyes.
  6. For the mouth, cut a long rectangle from black felt, approx. 8cm long by 1.5cm cm wide.
  7. Stick the rectangle mouth to the skull, approximately 5cm under the nose, using PVA glue or double-sided tape.
  8. To create the effect of teeth on your skull, cut small strips of felt (approx. 4cm long x 1cm wide).
  9. Space the teeth evenly apart across the width of the mouth shape.
  10. Use a range of sequins, gems, pom-poms, ribbons, feathers, confetti, coloured paper to decorate your skull.
  11. Once you have finished, stick the skull to your door for a unique Halloween decoration like no other.

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