How To Make A Fishing Game


Our felt fishing game is inexpensive and simple to make and a lot of fun to play! Find out how to make yours here.

You will need:

Felt squares (in 2-4 different colours depending on how many players you will be creating your game for)
Bamboo or balloon sticks (or equivalent) for the fishing rods (use as many sticks as you want players for the finished game)
Wiggly eyes (only 1 x eye per fish is needed)
An old, clean coffee jar
Fishing twine, string or thin ribbon
Jewellery magnets (with holes) 1 x per fishing rod
PVA glue
Paper clips (one per fish)
Piece of card for your fish template


  1. First create a template for your fish. Using your piece of thick card, draw a simple fish shape and cut this out
  2. Now take the felt squares and draw around your fish template to create x 10 fish outlines in each felt colour (each fish will need a front and back so two cut-outs are required per fish)
  3. Cut out your felt fish and apply glue to one piece of each fish
  4. Fix a paper clip onto the glued fish and stick the other half of the fish over the paper clip so it is covered

5. Stick a wiggly eye to each fish (as below)

6. Continue this process until you have 5 x finished fish in each of your chosen felt colours (as show below)

7. Now to make the fishing rods! Using one of your bamboo or balloon sticks, tie a piece of twine, fishing line or thin ribbon to one end of your stick. On the other end, attach a jewellery magnet (as shown). Create as many fishing rods as you have players


8. Now all that remains is to create a personalised design on your glass coffee jar. We personalised ours with a Father’s Day message using a range of coloured glass pens but you could cover your jar using marine-coloured tissue paper using the process we adopted in our Mother’s Day Vase craft make


Why not assign different value points to each fish and play a ‘free for all’ game, where players fish for any colour? The winner can be declared as the player who has accumulated the greatest number of points from their catch