How To Make A Game Of Monster Mayhem


Our finished Monster Mayhem game is fun to create and play!


Not only is this game a great way of getting your creative juices flowing and designing some crazy creatures but it’s also a fun game to play once you’ve finished being crafty. Take aim and see how many monsters you can knock down.

You will need:

An old shoe box
Old Wrapping paper
6 x different coloured pieces of card
Wiggly eyes
Pipe cleaner stems
Tissue paper circles
Pom poms
6 x plastic milk carton lids
Elastic bands (at least x 2)


  1. Cover the shoe box and lid with your chosen coloured paper or old wrapping paper


2. Now take your milk carton lids and stick them to the lid of your covered shoe box – spread evenly apart (as shown in the photo below)

3. Now it’s time to make a selection of six monsters using your coloured cards and accessories
4. Taking one piece of card at a time, wrap it round until it creates a tube shape (marginally wider than the milk carton lids on the top of your shoe box). Fix the tube in place with glue or a few pieces of sellotape

5. Now get creative! Start creating your monsters using sequins, pom poms, wiggly eyes, tissue paper, feathers, pipe cleaner stems and barrel beads until you have six, individual, colourful monsters

6. Stand each of the monsters over a milk carton lid on the shoe box. The lid will help your monsters stand up
7. Now stand back from the box and (with a partner), take turns trying to knock the monsters down using the elastic band
8. The winner is the player to knock the most down

Tip: The great thing about this game is that you can pack the monsters and elastic bands away inside the box when you’ve finished playing


Why not use this as a fun maths game? Give each monster a number. Once your game has finished, ask your child to add up the numbers on the monsters he or she managed to knock down. What is the total?

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