How To Make A Paper Plate Jellyfish


    This Paper Plate Jellyfish makes a cute addition to an underwater artwork display. Or why not decorate both sides and suspend it from the ceiling as a hanging decoration? Either way, have a go at creating your own with your kids.

    You will need:
    Paper plate
    Wiggle eyes
    Foil, crepe paper or tissue paper (to cover the body of your jellyfish)


    1. Cut your paper plate in half and cover with foil paper or crepe paper
    2. Now glue on two wiggle eyes and draw a mouth with a black felt pen
    3. Cut four lengths of ribbon (approx. 30cm in length)
    4. Glue each ribbon length to the back of the plate and allow to dry – these will be the tentacles
    5. Once the ribbons have dried, carefully curl each length of ribbon against the blade of a pair of scissors to create wavy tentacles for your jellyfish


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