How To Make A Paper Plate Turtle


This cute sea turtle project uses only craft cupboard basics and is quick and easy to create. Kids will enjoy personalising the shell with their own designs and patterns. Why not add glitter, beads or pipe cleaner craft stems for some additional interest?

You will need:

Paper plate
Tissue paper (we used our Tissue Paper Circles which make handling much easier for young crafters)
Wiggle eyes
Green card or foam


  1. Take your paper plate and turn it over so it is upside-down.
  2. Apply PVA glue to the back of the plate.
  3. Now cover the glued plate with Tissue Paper Circles. We have used varying shades of green but you could make yours as colourful as you want.
  4. Set the plate to one side and allow it to dry.
  5. Now take your green card or foam and cut out four rectangles – measuring approximately 8cm x 3.5cm.
  6. Round off the edges of each of the rectangles – these will be the legs for your turtle.
  7. Next, using the same green card or foam, cut out a shape for the head. You can do this by drawing an egg shape onto your card – approximately 8cm in length and roughly 6cm wide.
  8. Take two wiggle eyes from the pack and stick these onto the head. Allow to dry.
  9. Take the dried plate and turn it over – so that the uncovered side of the plate is exposed. Now using glue or sellotape, stick the legs to the underside of the plate so that roughly 6.5cm is sticking out from under the shell.
  10. Finally, fix the head to the underside of the plate so that it pokes out from under the plate shell. Flip over your finished turtle and enjoy your handiwork!