How To Make a Valentine’s Day Butterfly Gift Bag

This cute Butterfly Bag makes a great Valentine’s gift for your loved one. Fill it with some home-made treats or bath salts for an indulgent, home crafted present for the one you love.

You will need:


  • Fill your cellophane bag with the gift you will be giving. We have used sweets but you might want to use bath salts, home-made biscuits, chocolates or home-made soaps
  • Fasten the end bag using sellotape so that the contents don’t fall out

  • Separate the contents into both sides of the bag, so that there is a space in the middle to fix the peg (see above). You can tie the middle to ensure the contents remain separated
  • Now put this to one side while you decorate the body of your butterfly
  • Take your dolly peg and wrap the pipe cleaner around the head of your peg – so that there is a similar length of pipe cleaner at each side (this will form the antennae)
  • Next, thread coloured barrel beads along the length of both pipe cleaner ends

  • Now, glue on your googly eyes

  • Take your dolly peg and slide it through the middle of the bag


If you don’t have a pipe cleaner stem for the antennae, why not curl some paper and fix these to your butterfly instead? (as below)


Materials needed for “How To Make a Valentine’s Day Butterfly Gift Bag”