Dolly Peg Santa Decoration – A How To Make

No Christmas Tree is complete without a decoration featuring the fella in red!  Why not try making our Dolly Peg Santa Decoration using your key craft box staples?  Kids will love getting involved in this activity and the end product is something you’ll look forward to getting out year after year ….

Our finished dolly peg Santa decoration


You will need:


  • Take your red peg and a white pipe cleaner and wrap the stem around the peg, just under the head of the peg.  This pipe cleaner will form Santa’s beard.
  • Next wrap the remaining length of the stem up around the top of the head of the peg (which will form the trim of Santa’s hat).  If necessary you can fix this in place with PVA glue for added stability.  Cut off any excess pipe cleaner.

  • Apply some PVA glue to the wiggly eyes and fix these between the beard and the hat trim.

  • While the glue is drying cut out a small square in the red felt (approx. 6cm x 6cm) to make Santa’s hat.  You will need to form this into a cone shape and glue it together.  Trim the base of the hat so it is straight and glue on a small white pom pom to the end.
  • Now glue the felt cone to the white hat trim using PVA glue and set aside to dry.

  • Now create a belt for your Santa by wrapping a black pipe cleaner stem around the middle of your peg and glue on some small black pom pom buttons.



Why not give your Santa some arms by wrapping a red pipe cleaner stem around the middle?