Fireworks are the best, aren’t they? Well now you can enjoy fireworks all year round! Here we will show you how to make a simple, homemade Firework Pop-Up toys so children can act out all the great sounds and sights of a colourful firework display again and again.


For this craft, you will need:

A wooden spoon

Black paper or card

Coloured ribbons

Stapler or Sticky tape


Star stickers (Optional)

Cut out a circle of paper up to 45cm across. We used black sugar paper but any colour will do, you could even recycle some old wrapping paper or newspaper.


Find the midpoint of the circle by gently folding the circle in half and half again but don’t press down the folds, you don’t want permanent creases!

Cut from the outside of the circle in a straight line to the midpoint. Then you can roll the paper up into a cone and staple or sticky tape it into place to stop it uncurling.


You need to fit the wooden spoon into the paper cone, so snip off a tiny bit of the cone’s point, just large enough for the spoon handle to fit in to.

To make all the colourful “fireworks” that will pop out of the cone simply cut lengths of ribbon approximately 50cm long and tie them all together onto the handle of the wooden spoon. The ribbon could easily be swapped for fabric or crepe paper if you prefer.


All you need to do now is insert the spoon into the cone and tuck and hide all the ribbons inside.


Star stickers, paint, glitter, or anything else you fancy could be used to decorate the outside too if you fancy.


Special thanks to for the inspiration and the images.

We hope you enjoy crafting your own year round fireworks.

Until next time – stay creative and we wish you all a very happy new year!

The Bright Ideas Team 2017 x