Make Your Own Pipe Cleaner Stem Wreath

Our finished pipe cleaner stem wreath

It’s Day 3 of our 12 Crafts of Christmas line up and this is one the kids will love. Perhaps you’re a teacher looking for a simple Christmas make to wind things down before the end of term. This cute wreath uses craft cupboard staples to create a sweet tree decoration and a lovely take home gift for parents.

You will need:


  • Take your two pipe cleaner stems and join them together to make one long stem.
  • Thread the bells along the craft stem – ensuring they are evenly spaced out.

  • Now take a pencil and wind the stem around it until the whole pipe cleaner has been wrapped. Remove the pencil and you should be left with a coiled effect along the whole length of the stem.

  • Next, bend the ends of the pipe cleaner around until they meet – creating a loop shape. Twist the ends so that it is fixed together, forming a wreath shape.
  • You may want to take this opportunity to adjust the position of the bells so that you are happy with how they look.

  • Using a small length of ribbon, tie a bow and fix it to the wreath. We have used red ribbon here but you can choose any colour.

  • Now tie a loop of ribbon or twine to the top of the wreath so that you can hang it from your tree.


Why not glue on some small red pom poms to look like berries?

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