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Welcome to Bright Ideas Home Make! What can you achieve at home? We took a 3 year old, tissue paper and some glue to find out!

Want That Trend- Confetti Balloons

We here at Bright Ideas love to see what is happening in the artsy and crafty areas of the world. Every week we will bring you one top trend- How you can accomplish it top tips from other crafters around the globe. So sit back, relax and let us find the craft for you.

Crepe Paper DIY Projects – 10 Amazing Ideas

We have created our Top 10 crepe paper DIY projects – we love them and we are sure you will too! Look no further for a little inspiration as what to do with your crepe paper!

Tried these at home? Done them with your own creative crafty twist? We would love to hear from you @BrightICreative

Easy DIY Decs

Plain paper chains are just BORING! We are going to show you how to feel festive and properly prepare for the jolliest season of them all with some easy DIY decs. There is no better excuse to prep the classroom, nursery or even at home in the bedroom.