Snowball Snowman Tree Decoration – A How To Make




We might not see a dusting of the white stuff this Christmas, but with this craft you can still make a snowman.  We have used our artificial snowballs as the basis for this Christmas Make.  Find out how we made this cool Snowball Snowman Tree Decoration and get crafting your own.


Our finished snowman tree decoration


You will need:

2 x fluffy snowballs
1 x length of ribbon
1 x iridescent pipe cleaner stem
3 x mini black pom poms (or small buttons)
1 x square of felt (we used brown)
PVA glue
1 x sheet of orange card (or plain paper coloured orange using a felt tip pen)


  • Using the iridescent pipe cleaner stem, push it through the centre of one of your snowballs.  The stem is rigid enough that you should be able to do this without it bending.  Now repeat this with your second snowball and push both towards the bottom of the pipe cleaner stem.
  • To ensure both remain secured, twist the bottom of the pipe cleaner so that they are unable to fall off.
  • You should have a considerable length of pipe cleaner remaining at the top of the snowman.  You will need this later to create a loop to hang your decoration.

  • Next, cut a small circle from your felt square – ours was approximately 4cm in diameter.  This will form the rim of the snowman’s hat.  Push the pipe cleaner stem through the centre of the felt circle and pull the felt down until it’s positioned on top of the snowball.
  • Now cut a strip from the same felt square – ours was approximately 4cm in width by 10cm in length.
  • Wrap this strip around the pipe cleaner on the top of the circle so it forms a tube shape and then fix it in place with PVA glue.  This forms the top of your snowman’s hat.

  • Glue the wiggly eyes to your snowman’s head and then fix the pom poms or buttons to his body.

  • Cut a small circle from your orange paper/card (if you don’t have orange card, colour or paint a small circle on white paper).  Shape this into a small cone and glue it to your snowman’s face.  This will be the carrot nose.
  • Now cut a length of ribbon and wrap it around your snowman’s neck to form a scarf.  We glued ours together to ensure it laid flat but you can decide how best to secure yours.
  • Finally bend the excess pipe cleaner at the top of your snowman into a loop and twist it around the main pipe cleaner stem to fix it in place.  Now tuck the end back into the snowman’s hat so the loop twist isn’t visible.
  • Now all that remains to do is to hang your snowman on your tree.



Materials needed for “Snowball Snowman Tree Decoration – A How To Make”