Easter Chick Picture Make


With Spring and Easter just around the corner our crafting guru – Michelle from The Crafty Foxes – popped in to show us some different craft ideas that are ideal for Easter and Spring. Here we are going to show you how to make a super Easter Chick picture that is perfect for the little ones to have a go at.


A super simple Easter Chick picture for you to make.

All you will need to make this super simple Easter Chick is:


  • A piece of card (try using the top of a shoe box or a cereal packet
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Orange pipe cleaners
  • White Card
  • Orange Felt
  • Black Pom Poms or Black tissue
  • Yellow Feathers
  • PVA Glue





  1. Take you piece of card and draw around a plate to give you a circle
  2. Glue the orange pipe cleaners to make some legs and and bend two pipe cleaners in half to make the feet for your chick
  3. Scrunch up the yellow tissue paper into balls – we have used tissue paper circles – and stick these down within the circle to make the body of your chick
  4. Add some feathers to the top and some at the side for wings
  5. You will need two small circles of white card for the eyes and you can either draw the eyes with a black marker pen or stick on some black pom poms – try using a coin to draw around to get the shape for the eyes
  6. Add a beak made with either card or felt
  7. Tweet, tweet – one Easter Chick



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Until next time …… Happy Crafting!!