Crafty Flower Pot

This personalised flower pot will make a lovely gift for a family member or friend. We have used a selection of buttons, felt and tissue paper to create ours. Here’s how we did it…

Spring Flower Pot

To make a flower pot just like ours you will need the following arts and crafts supplies:


Let’s get crafty:


1.       For each flower you will need to cut 5 flower petals out of the yellow felt.  We have put two flower’s on our pot so we cut out 10 petals from our sheet.

2.      Glue your petals to your flower pot using the glue dots.

3.      Next you need a button for each flower – when you’ve found the ones you like just glue them to the centre of each flower.

4.      Now we need some to add some grass and flower stems ….  we have used some green foam just glue dot the grass along the bottom of the pot and glue the stems onto the flowers.

5.      It’s time to add a bumble bee!  Cut out a bumble bee body from the remaining yellow felt and using a black marker pen make some stripes on it.

6       The wings are made from white tissue paper and the antenna is the bendy bit on a straw and cut in half to make little antennas.

7.      Glue the wings onto the felt body ….


8.     Finally you need to glue the antenna onto the underneath of the felt body at the top.  When you are happy with your bumble bee glue it onto your pot – we liked it at the top but you can place it wherever you wish

Hey presto – a lovely summer flower pot perfect for any window sill ….




Until next time …. happy crafting

from the team at Bright Ideas and Michelle at The Crafty Foxes x