Summer Holiday Makes – Butterflies and Flower Cards

With long days of Summer upon us, it’s often a challenge to keep your children entertained.  So here are a couple of great ideas for you – Butterflies and Flower Cards.  Both are quick and ever-so simple to do but look amazing …..  we are going to show you how to make some super hanging butterflies that are perfect for summer crafting with the kids.


Let’s make a start:



The shopping list:


Here’s what you need to do to make some Butterflies just like ours:



1.  Take your card and cover with glue – we used an A4 sheet

2.  Next grab your tissue circles and place them all over the glued card – you will get a much better effect if you use 2 or 3 different colours


3.  Add a final layer of glue on the top and then you need to wait!

4.  When the glue has dried take the butterfly template (Bright Ideas Butterfly – Butterfly Template) or use your own design, place it on top of the card and cut out the butterfly shape

5.  Next take a straw and cut off the top – just above the bendy bit – you’ll need the bendy bit of the straw left on!

6.  Cut the bendy bit in half – just like in our picture – and bend each half outwards so that you can make the butterfly antennas



7.  Take the straw and cut it to length so that it is the same height as the butterfly wings

8.  Now you need to choose some ribbon – we have matched the ribbon colour to the straw colour – thread it through the straw and place a barrel bead at the bottom before you tie a knot so that the ribbon stays secure.  Remember to leave a good long bit of ribbon for the other end so that you can hang your butterfly up ….



9.  All that is left now is to secure your straw onto the middle of your butterfly – we used a couple of glue dots …. hey presto, beautiful, colourful butterflies that every Mum will love!






You will need:


A quick and easy make – here goes:

1.  Pick your favourite ribbon – we have used a selection from our Flower Ribbons – and cut 7 pieces, each approximately 10cm in length

2.  Fold your card in half


3.  Take each individual piece of ribbon and fold it in half and glue to your card – we are making the petals


4.  Add all of the petals so that you have a good flower shape and glue a button into the centre

5.  Take a craft stem/pipe cleaner and glue this to the card to make the flower stem twisting the stem at the base to make a leaf.


6.  Or you can try something a little different and twist the ribbons – you will need to make sure that the pattern is visible – take a look ….




We hope you enjoy these Summer makes – until next time happy crafting ….

The Bright Ideas Team & Michelle from The Crafty Foxes x

Materials needed for “Summer Holiday Makes – Butterflies and Flower Cards”

As well as the suggest products shown below, you’ll also need to have some basic crafting supplies to hand for these Summer makes:

  • Scissors – always get an adult to help with any cutting!
  • Glue dots
  • PVA glue

and don’t forget to print out the template for the Butterfly!