Tissue Paper Pom Poms – How-to Make

We have teamed up with the fabulous Michelle our favourite crafting expert from The Crafty Foxes who has come up with another crafty “how-to make”….Tissue Paper Pom Poms.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make tissue paper pom poms, these are surprisingly quick to put together and add a burst of colour to any room or a party!



Please see below what you will need:



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Let’s get started….

1)   Once you have chosen your choice of colour tissue paper,  stack 10 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other



2)   Next, carefully cut 20cm off one end of all sheets and put to one side – you can use to make a smaller pom pom later!

3)   Take the stack and fold the tissue paper in a concertina style approx 1 inch thick, keep folding back and forth until you have one long strip

4)   Using scissors cut a rounded end each side, you’ll need to use fairly strong scissors to be able to cut through all the paper together and keep it all in line at the same time

5)   You will then need to fold the whole stack of paper in half like we have done below


6)   Choose your best ribbon – you will need to have the ribbon ready for this next stage.  Carefully tie the ribbon (or wire) around the middle fold.  Tie securely but don’t squash the paper, just tie around them to essentially keep them together. Make sure you have enough ribbon and that it is long enough so that you can hang your pom pom when it is finished

7)   We are almost there…Open each layer of tissue paper carefully pulling away from centre one at a time, the ribbon will keep everything together in the middle as long as you tie it tight enough!



8)   Both sides should meet to form a sphere…and you’re done.  You can now hang the pom pom with the extra ribbon from earlier.  Enjoy decorating your room!



Until next time….happy crafting!

From the team at Bright Ideas and Michelle at The Craft Foxes x

Materials needed for “Tissue Paper Pom Poms – How-to Make”

As well as the suggested products shown below you will also need to have some basic crafting supplies to hand:

  • Scissors – always get an adult to help with any cutting.
  • Craft wire if you prefer to use instead of the ribbon.