Valentine’s Day Crafts – A How to Make

Who knew there were so many ways you can create a heart garland?  We are going to show you several different methods for creating this project.  Create some pretty valentines day heart decorations for your classroom with this classroom craft project.  As with all of our makes this project can be altered to suit your materials and level of ability you are working with.

These garlands are so simple to make yet they look so amazing!  They are the perfect, easy valentines craft for the kids to decorate the classroom or to take home with them.

Heart Garland


Level: Easy/ medium

You will need:

  • Coloured or patterned paper
  • Stapler OR sticky tape, glue, double sided tape

Heart Garland how to

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  1. Firstly, cut your strips of paper, to do this, decide how thick you want your hearts to be, we suggest about 2cm in thickness each. Mark out your 2cm strips on a sheet of A4 card/ paper, us the paper horizontally for larger hearts. If you want to make smaller hearts, cut the strips from the paper using a portrait orientation.
  2. Secondly, take your fist strip of paper and fold in half to create the top of your garland.
  3. Next cut another strip of paper and fold this in half too, then slot this strip over the first one you created. Staple this at the base where the folds are to secure them together (if you are using glue or tape do the same, though you may need to wait for the glue to dry, use a paperclip to hold the glued bits together). Glue or stick the two strips together at the base where the fold is only.
  4. Take your two free ends of paper from the second strip you added to the garland and gently bend these around the create a heart shape.
  5. You then need to repeat the folding on another strip of paper, which will then slot over the two free ends of paper that are creating the first heart shape, secure the third strip of paper over the base of the heart shape with a stapler or glue/ sticky tape.

Repeat the above steps to create more hearts for your garland.

Heart Garland


Variations for the heart garland:


Simple heart garland: This variation is a simplified version of the above, instead of sticking each heart together, this garland is more like a paper chain. You still cut strips of paper and fold them in half to create a heart shape, but you just need to thread each heart shape through the last (the same as you would a paper chain) before securing with glue or a stapler.

Heart garland variation1

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Double up: you can make your heart garland more complicated by adding layers of hearts! This is done by adding smaller strips of paper, each time you add a new heart to the chain, this can be somewhat fiddly and is much easier being secured with a stapler. This is definitely a make for an older age group, or to decorate your home.

Paper Heart Garland

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Now you can decorate your home or classroom with garlands of hearts ready for valentines day!

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