World Cup Fever

We’re in the midst of World Cup Fever here at Bright Ideas, so we wanted to share our favourite idea to help you celebrate the tournament yourselves – making football shirts!

These are really easy to make and look fantastic hung on the wall.  Why not make a few and attach them together to have fabulous World Cup bunting that you can even put up in your garden?



So here’s what you need:

  • 1 A4 piece of card
  • 1 Pack large pipe cleaners
  • 1 Pack assorted tissue paper
  • 1 Pack small pipe cleaners
  • Glue, scissors and a pen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

How to Make:

Step 1:  Draw a half moon on the top of a piece of A4 card and cut off the top corners as shown.

Step 2: Cut a 5cm strip the width of another piece of A4 card.

Step 3: Get one piece of tissue paper to represent your favourite team and half it.

And here’s a BRIGHT IDEA:  You can get two shirts out of one sheet of tissue paper so make sure you save the other half!

Place the two card templates on the tissue paper.  Cut around the templates leaving around a 2cm margin that will allow you to fold the edges around the back of the card.

Step 4: Fold (shown as dotted lines in the photo) and glue along the tissue paper corners.  Fold the remaining tissue in on itself so the shirt is completely wrapped.


Step 5:  To make a round collar, snip the tissue at the top centre and fold the triangles to the back of the shirt and glue.

Step 6:  Using the same technique, wrap the strip of card with the remaining tissue and glue.  So you should now have two wrapped pieces that look like this:

Step 7: Cut the rectangle of wrapped issue down the middle so you have two smaller rectangles.

Step 8:  Line them up with the ‘shoulders’ of the body of the shirt, then turn the shirt over and glue the sleeves into place.

Step 9:  Decide what name you want on the shirt – your favourite player’s name and number or your own name!  Get some pipe cleaners (this is the trickiest bit) to spell out the name and either bend or cut them to form the letters.

Here’s a BRIGHT IDEA: Use a shorter name if possible and place the pipe cleaners on the shirt after each letter but do not glue until you’re happy with spacing.

Step 10:  You’re almost there.  Glue the letters and number in place.

Step 11:  This is your shirt so you can decorate it as you want.  Try adding some sparkles, pompoms or buttons to customise it. Maybe you’ll be designing the England kit for the next World Cup?

Remember to let your shirt dry before hanging them up and then move on to another one.  At Bright ideas we can supply everything you need to make shirts for every country to celebrate the World Cup at home, in the classroom or for the office sweepstake.

Materials needed for “World Cup Fever”