Chenille Stems & Craft Pipe Cleaner Stems

Get really crafty with our wholesale chenille stems and craft stems, also known as craft pipe cleaners!

Craft stems and pipe cleaners from as low as 61p.

At Bright Ideas Wholesale Crafts, we sell a huge range of bright and bold chenille craft stems, perfect for all arts and crafts uses. We sell a range of craft pipe cleaner stems that are suitable for all seasons and holidays. Our range includes packs of 100 pipe cleaners from as low as 61p!

Our wholesale packs of chenille stems come in sizes of 48-1000 pieces and you can choose from packs of multiple colours to specialist metallic and tinsel ranges, perfect for Christmas and the festive season.

Our packs of stripy chenille stems are in packs of 100 from as low as £1.33.

Pipe cleaners or chenille stems are an essential craft item, browse our range of wholesale pipe cleaners and get in contact with us if you have any questions about our range.

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Showing all 7 results