Pastel Curly Pipe Cleaner Craft Stems PK50

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Get really crafty with our pastel curly pipe cleaner craft stems.

Flexible and so much fun, these bright and bold pastel curly pipe cleaner craft stems are perfect for all arts and crafts uses, including flower-making, adding arms and legs to homemade critters, fab fake glasses and papercraft decorations!  Why not grab the googly eyes and glue from the craft kit and let the little ones go craft-crazy!

These pastel curly craft stems are an essential craft item – no making box is complete without craft stems!  Available in a range of bright and wonderful colours, our craft stems will enhance any family craft projects or scrapbooks.  The possibilities are endless as you mould and reshape these craft pipe cleaners to whatever shape you want!

Our craft stems are a great buy for any season – craft pipe cleaners are a classic crafting must have!  Plus the more you buy the more you save!

Each pack is retail-ready and contain barcodes.

Our curly pastel craft stems are 250mm long x 15mm diameter and come in bright pastel shades.  They’re ideal for making colourful flowers, egg shapes and decorative spring crafts – guaranteed to brighten up any classroom display, home crafting project or school collage.

Looking for some inspiration?  Then look no further than here – we’ve got a fantastically festive mini-make on our blog just for you.

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