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These chalk eggs are perfect for little hands and have so many different uses.

Keep the little ones entertained any season with this pack of 6 playground chalk eggs.  With a selection of vibrant colours, your creative kids can enjoy playtime outside and brighten up the streets or playground.  Playground chalk eggs are a great way to keep the kids happy being expressive, but crucially with none of the mess indoors.  Result!

Our chalk eggs come in a handy clear PVC egg box, which is a great way of keeping your playground chalk clean and dry when it’s not being used.

Each pack contains the following colours:  Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Lilac and Orange.

You can be confident that these chalks are great value for money and won’t disappoint!  All of our playground chalk boxes are retail-ready and contain barcodes.

Interested in other types of chalk?  We’ve also got big playground chalks, blackboard chalk and anti-dust chalks. Click here to view the full chalk range.

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