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How To Make A Paper Chick and Bunny

How’s this for an inexpensive Easter craft for the kids? Fun and simple to make – your kids will love creating their own Easter animals using strips of paper and googly eyes.   You will need: For the chick: Googly or stick on eyes Feathers¬† Scissors Glue stick Pencil Ruler Paper (2 x sheets of…

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How To Make A Mother’s Day Vase

This is a great craft for Mother’s Day, to gift with (or without) the paper rose bouquet. This craft makes use of an old glass coffee jar and tissue paper in your choice of colours. The finished craft not only makes a lovely vase for flower arrangements but also looks great as a candle holder…

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How To Make A Mother’s Day Paper Rose Bouquet

What better way to surprise your Mum this Mother’s Day than with a special home-made rose bouquet. We will show you how to create a gorgeous paper rose which you can either hand deliver to her on her breakfast tray when you treat her to breakfast in bed, or present in a vase with a…

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