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Make A Decorative Summer Flower Pot

  Anything goes with the design of this summer-themed flower pot. As long as it makes you think of long sunny days spent in the garden, it’s a winner! Think bumble bees, brightly-coloured flowers and ladybirds and browse our selection of vibrant craft goodies to inspire you. You will need: Ceramic flower pot Black felt…

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How To Make A Paper Plate Jellyfish

  This Paper Plate Jellyfish makes a cute addition to an underwater artwork display. Or why not decorate both sides and suspend it from the ceiling as a hanging decoration? Either way, have a go at creating your own with your kids. You will need: Paper plate Wiggle eyes Ribbon Foil, crepe paper or tissue…

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How To Make A Darth Vader Puppet

Feel the Force and create your own character mask for the Star Wars fan in your life with our latest craft make. This Darth Vader mask is simple and inexpensive to make and uses craft cupboard basics. Why not encourage your kids to re-enact key scenes from the movie and make other character masks too?…

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