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How To Make A Paper Plate Turtle

  This cute sea turtle project uses only craft cupboard basics and is quick and easy to create. Kids will enjoy personalising the shell with their own designs and patterns. Why not add glitter, beads or pipe cleaner craft stems for some additional interest? You will need: Paper plate Tissue paper (we used our Tissue…

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How To Make A Fishing Game

  Our felt fishing game is inexpensive and simple to make and a lot of fun to play! Why not make it for your Dad or Grandad as a fun, Father’s Day gift? You will need: Felt squares (in 2-4 different colours depending on how many players you will be creating your game for) Bamboo…

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How To Make A Game Of Monster Mayhem

    Not only is this game a great way of getting your creative juices flowing and designing some crazy creatures but it’s also a fun game to play once you’ve finished being crafty. Take aim and see how many monsters you can knock down. You will need: An old shoe box Old Wrapping paper…

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