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How To Make A Game Of Monster Mayhem

    Not only is this game a great way of getting your creative juices flowing and designing some crazy creatures but it’s also a fun game to play once you’ve finished being crafty. Take aim and see how many monsters you can knock down. You will need: An old shoe box Old Wrapping paper…

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How To Make A Superhero Peg Puppet

      Superheroes are BIG news this summer and we’ve created a fun way you can make your favourite character using a dolly peg, pipe cleaner stem and some barrel beads. So if  your kids are crazy about Captain America or silly for Spidey, create these peg puppets for them to battle with. You…

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How To Make a Summer-Themed Bookmark

We have a natty idea for bookmarks from our crafting guru Michelle at The Crafty Foxes.  Super quick and easy to make – fabulous!  Great for personalising and making for all your family and friends …. Why not have a go at creating your own based on a summer theme?     For the flower…

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