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How To Make – Pom Pom Snail

      Looking for some easy craft makes over the summer holidays?  We have 6 new makes to keep you busy – this week is our super cute snail.  Take a look at our How to Make for a Pom Pom Snail. This cute snail is easy to make and requires only a few…

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Summer Flower Pot

Make A Decorative Summer Flower Pot

  Anything goes with the design of this summer-themed flower pot. As long as it makes you think of long sunny days spent in the garden, it’s a winner! Think bumble bees, brightly-coloured flowers and ladybirds and browse our selection of vibrant craft goodies to inspire you. You will need: Ceramic flower pot Black felt…

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How To Make A Paper Plate Jellyfish

  This Paper Plate Jellyfish makes a cute addition to an underwater artwork display. Or why not decorate both sides and suspend it from the ceiling as a hanging decoration? Either way, have a go at creating your own with your kids. You will need: Paper plate Wiggle eyes Ribbon Foil, crepe paper or tissue…

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