St David’s Day pinwheel daffodil make

As St David’s Day is nearing, we wanted to share this fantastic make from with you, it’s a step by step how-to for creating your own pinwheel daffodil. As it’s the time of year we start seeing daffodils we thought this would be the perfect make for classrooms, clubs and demonstrations nationwide!

Pinwheel daffodil make

For this daffodil make you will need:


  • Yellow paper or card
  • Green paper or card
  • Yellow or orange paint (green paint if you don’t have any green card)
  • An egg box
  • A paper fastener
  • A stapler
  • Pencil, ruler, scissors


1, To begin, cut your card so that is a square shape, if you do not have yellow card, get creative and paint some plain white card yellow. Make sure you paint on both sides and leave to dry.

Pinwheel daffodil make

2, Next you can cut out your egg box, this will form the centre of the daffodil, so snip around where the eggs rest and recycle the rest of the carton as this is not needed.

3, Paint these egg cups in yellow or orange to create the very centre of your daffodil and leave to dry. The good thing about using an egg box is that you will get at least 6 daffodil centres from one!

Daffodil make

4, When your card is dry (if you have painted it) use a ruler to draw diagonal lines across the card from corner to corner, missing out the middle section as you don’t want to cut all the way across.

Pinwheel daffodil make

5, Cut down these lines making sure you leave a substantial gap in the centre of the card to form the centre of the daffodil flower head.


6, Now you can fold each corner inward to the centre of the flower, secure with a staple, or some tape. You should have a pinwheel shape, remember not to press down on the card, the paper should form curved 3d petals.

Pinwheel daffodil make

7, Roll your green card into a tube, again if you have no green card simply paint some plain white card green and make sure you leave to dry. This will form the stalk of your St David’s Day daffodil.


8, Now use you paper fastener to join all three elements together on top the painted egg box then the daffodil petals, and finally the stalk at the back of the flower, you might need to poke a hole through these first to make the job of joining them together easier. Use a sharp pencil or scissors to do this.

Pinwheel daffodil make

And that’s it, your beautiful St David’s Day springtime flower is ready! You could experiment with different colours and create a whole bouquet too!

Pinwheel daffodil make

Happy St David’s Day, or Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant!