Cellophane Rolls 50cm Assorted

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Protect and enhance all of your handmade crafts with our value natural cellophane. Cellophane rolls are the perfect way to make any craft activities even more special and cellophane is a crafting must have! Plus the more you buy the more you save!

Our Cellophane Rolls are available in the following value multipacks:

  • Pack of 7 contains: Clear 50cm x 5m, Red 50cm x 4.5m, Yellow 50cm x 4.5m, Blue 50cm x 4.5m, Green 50cm x 4.5m, Orange 50cm x 4.5m and Purple 50cm x 4.5m, Pack of 10 contains: 1 x Clear 50cm x 5m, 1 x Yellow 50cm x 4.5m, 1 x Orange 50cm x 4.5m, 1 x Purple 50cm x 4.5m, 2 x Red 50cm x 4.5m, 2 x Blue 50cm x 4.5m and 2 x Green 50cm x 4.5m, Pack of 24 contains: 6 x Clear 50cm x 5m, 4 x Red 50cm x 4.5m, 4 x Blue 50cm x 4.5m, 3 x Yellow 50cm x 4.5m, 3 x Green 50cm x 4.5m, 2 x Orange 50cm x 4.5m and 2 x Purple 50cm x 4.5m
  • All of our cellophane rolls are 24gsm
  • Acid-free – meaning it’s perfect for wrapping food items
  • Colour-fast and great quality
  • Perfect for wrapping gifts and floral arrangements

Want to buy specific coloured cellophane rolls? Check out our single colour rolls of cellophane by clicking here.

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