Cellophane Rolls 50cm Assorted

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Protect and enhance all of your handmade crafts with our big value natural cellophane. Available in a range of colours, our cellophane rolls are colour-fast and acid-free, which means they’re food-safe and perfect for floral presentation and wrapping gifts. The colours won’t run and your food will stay protected!

Cellophane rolls are the perfect way to make any craft activities even more special and cellophane is a crafting must have! Plus the more you buy the more you save!

Our cello rolls are available in the following big value multipacks:

  • Pack of 7, contains Clear 50cm x 5m, Red 50cm x 4.5m, Yellow 50cm x 4.5m, Blue 50cm x 4.5m, Green 50cm x 4.5m, Orange 50cm x 4.5m and Purple 50cm x 4.5m
  • Pack of 10, contains 1 x Clear 50cm x 5m, 1 x Yellow 50cm x 4.5m, 1 x Orange 50cm x 4.5m, 1 x Purple 50cm x 4.5m, 2 x Red 50cm x 4.5m, 2 x Blue 50cm x 4.5m and 2 x Green 50cm x 4.5m
  • Pack of 24. Our best value bundle. Contains 6 x Clear 50cm x 5m, 4 x Red 50cm x 4.5m, 4 x Blue 50cm x 4.5m, 3 x Yellow 50cm x 4.5m, 3 x Green 50cm x 4.5m, 2 x Orange 50cm x 4.5m and 2 x Purple 50cm x 4.5m

All of our cellophane rolls are 24gsm and all packs are retail-ready and contain barcodes.

Add that finishing touch to your homemade crafts this year and make sure they are something really special! Use our white tissue paper as a lining to make sure floral presentations have that added wow factor!

Want to buy specific coloured cellophane rolls? Check out our single colour rolls of cellophane by clicking here.

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