Crepe Paper DIY Projects – 10 Amazing Ideas

We have created our Top 10 crepe paper DIY projects – we love them and we are sure you will too! Look no further for a little inspiration as what to do with your crepe paper!

Tried these at home? Done them with your own creative crafty twist? We would love to hear from you @BrightICreative

Without further ado, here are our Top Ten Crepe Paper DIY projects!

Tiny Tassels By Oh Happy Day

DIY Mini Tassles

One of the simplest crepe paper DIY projects. These are so sweet and a great idea to decorate any present, project or even classroom display. Luckily for you we have a great selection of colours in our assorted crepe paper range. Combine these tassels with one of our DIY Boxes and you have a really unique gift.

DIY Fringe Lights By Studio DIY

DIY Fringe Lights

Why not take a look at our Halloween or Metallic Colour Crepe (perfect Christmas crepe) paper to create a really seasonal sensation.

Crepe Paper DIY Projects – Flowers By HonestlyWTF

Festival Flowers

We love these Autumnal Colours for something different! Why not use our safari crepe!

DIY Suprise Lantern By Oh Happy Day

(this is one of our favourite crepe paper DIY projects)

DIY Suprise Lantern

You can use these for any occasion – the adult version of the Piñata. We think they would look great in our Rainbow Crepe colours

Crepe Paper Carrots (<3) By Martha Stewart

I know a lot of children are learning about the harvest at the moment – what a brilliant idea to get them really involved and even better we have a great value crepe paper bundle which has all the colours you will need to complete this fun activity. It will take longer to complete but we think this might be one of the best crepe paper DIY projects!

Crepe Carrots

DIY Fringey Streamers By Oh Happy Day

Fringe Streamers

What a great way to decorate any room or display even better we have Crepe Streamers ready for you all you need to do is the fringing – or why not try cutting out different patterns and see what you can create.

DIY Crepe Paper Pom By The Sweetest Occasion

Crepe Pom Pom

This idea is great and so easy to do – it’s all over the internet and is something you should definitely try. We love the pastel colours used by The Sweetest Occasion so why not try this with our spring crepe. This is one of our favourite crepe paper DIY projects!

Candy Cupcake toppers by the Cake Journal

What a great way to finish off your baking with these oh so sweet cake toppers. Why not try our Easter Class pack which contains everything you will need for a really sweet treat at Easter time.

Candy Cup Cake toppers

Crepe Paper Medallion By Once Wed

DIY Crepe paper medallion

What a brilliant idea as name cards at a wedding or a birthday party! The beauty of this DIY project (although more complicated than some) is that you can really get creative. Try using our Colourful Crepe and we even have the perfect ribbon for the finishing touch

DIY Honeycomb Wreath by Oh Happy Day

Honey Comb Wreath

We chose this because we think it’s absolutely adorable and perfect for your bedroom door at Christmas time OR why not use different colours to create a wreath for any occasion.

We hope you like our top 10 Crepe paper DIY projects. We would love to hear about yours! Feeling ambitious and wanting to do them all? Why not take a peek at our Crepe Paper Bumper Bundle

Crepe paper bundle

Until next time – Stay Creative!!

The Bright Ideas Team x