3 Minute Make – Getting Crafty with Bright Ideas

Looking for some easy crafts to do during the run up to Christmas?
Take a look at this simple way to make a Christmas Wreath

Keeping everyone entertained and coming up with original craft ideas can be quite a hard task.

Here we provide you with a stunningly simple way to make a miniature Christmas surprise. Use this idea to hang on the tree, have as part of a project or why not use one of our Christmas Boxes and Paper Shreds and give as a gift – there is nothing more special than something that has been hand made (especially by mini hands!).

Step 1) Make sure you have the correct items needed for the make. You can find them all available on our website. Once you have all your materials you can begin.

Step 2) Take the two 300mm GREEN chenille stems and twist them together to make a long stem:

2 Green Chenille Stems

Twist Two Green Chenille stem

Step 3) Choose your Jingle Bell Colours (for the purpose of our mini make we have chosen one of each colour). This is your chance to be really creative.  You will need 5 jingle bells, once you have these start to thread them onto the stem one-by-one. TIP: Try and do this as evenly as possibly to create an even better wreath:

Choose your Jingle Bells

Thred Jingle bells onto Chenille stem

Step 4) Your chenille stem should now look like this (oh so festive!) Next take your pen or pencil.

It should look like this

Get your pen/pencil

Step 5) Wrap the stem around the pen as tight as you can. When you are done you should have something that looks like this:

wrap the stem around the pen- Tight

until the stem is covering the pen

Step 6) Slide the stem off the pen. TIP: We found it easier to slid of the nib side. Your mini make should look like this (like a festive caterpillar):

it should look like this

Mini make

Step 7) Join the two ends of the stem, and twist them together so they are fixed in place (you may need to adjust your jingle bells at this point)

joing the two ends of the chenille stick together

you are almost done

Step 8) Take your 150mm Red chenille stem and create a bow to go on the top of your wreath (how festive!). You can either now glue the bow on or twist it into the wreath itself what ever you find to be easier:

Take one red small chenille stem

create a bow to go on top of your wreath

There you have it; a simple yet creative craft that will look brilliant as part of your Christmas festivities:

and there you have it

a mini make from bright ideas

Why not finish the wreath off with some truly festive snow spray to make a really authentic gift.

If you are giving as a gift why not take a look at our range of Christmas gift tags – a great way to personalise those perfect presents.

We hope you enjoyed getting crafty with this mini make!

Until next time, stay creative!

The Bright Ideas Team x

Materials needed for “3 Minute Make – Getting Crafty with Bright Ideas”

  • Pack of 300mm chenille stems
  • Pack of 150mm chenille stems
  • Jingle Bells (assorted)
  • Optional Snow spray/Glue