How To Make a Summer-Themed Bookmark

We have a natty idea for bookmarks from our crafting guru Michelle at The Crafty Foxes.  Super quick and easy to make – fabulous!  Great for personalising and making for all your family and friends …. Why not have a go at creating your own based on a summer theme?




For the flower bookmark – you will need:

  • Coloured wooden peg
  • Card, Paper or Felt
  • Tape
  • Sticky pads
  • 10p piece


Now you have everything ready let’s make a start:

1. Take the card, paper or felt that you want to make your flower from

2. Draw around a 10p piece – we have made two examples, one with five petals and one with six – the choice is yours! and cut out

3. Place the circles in a flower shape and stick with tape on the reverse

4. Cut out a different colour circle for the inside of the flower and stick on

5. Stick flower onto the peg

6. One flower bookmark ready for use ….

7. We also added some curling ribbon to ours


For the bumblebee bookmark – you will need:


Let’s get buzzing!  Make a start by:bumble-bee

1. Drawing around a 10p piece coin on the yellow card and cutting it out – you will need 2 circles

2. Tape the circles together at the back so that they overlap a little

3. Using the Black Felt-tip Pen colour stripes on the bees body

4. Glue 2 Wiggle Eyes at the top

5. Cut a Black Pipecleaner to 5cm in length and fold in half

6. Glue 2 small black pompoms on each end

7. Glue the antennae to the bees body

8. Cut 2 wing shapes out of tracing paper or white tissue paper and glue in place

9. Glue your finished bee onto a black peg


For the butterfly bookmark – you will need:


butterfly-bookmark We have used the butterfly out of the Easter Cut Out Decoration pack.  Here’s how we made it:

1.  Cover the butterfly template with PVA Glue

2.  Stick the butterfly to the marbled paper

3.  Cut around the shape but leave a small border about 1-2 mm

4.  Glue the marbled paper over the edges so no cardboard is visible

5.  Cut a pipe cleaner in half and push through the hole and twist

6.  Glue a pompom to each end – antennas made!

7.  Add some small pompoms down the middle of the butterfly

8.  To add some extra sparkle we added some glitter – fabulous …..

9.  Finally stick your finished butterfly onto a wooden peg





Materials needed for “How To Make a Summer-Themed Bookmark”

As well as the suggested products shown below you will also need to have some basic crafting supplies to hand:

  • Scissors – always get an adult to help with any cutting
  • PVA Glue
  • Sticky Pads and Tape
  • Coloured wooden pegs