Make A Gem Stone Tree Decoration




Our finished gem stone bauble

It’s the penultimate day of our 12 Crafts of Christmas blogs and today’s simple make is something the kids will enjoy personalising with their favourite buttons, gems and sparkles. What’s better than a Christmas tree adorned with decorations that are home-made rather than shop bought?

You will need:

  • Sheet of card (we have used corrugated glitter card)
  • Gem stones / buttons / sequins
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Two lids to draw around (one larger – about the size of the wide end of a paper cup), and the other smaller
  • PVA glue
  • Length of ribbon or sequin string


  • Using a pencil and the wide end of a paper cup, draw around the cup to create a circle.
  • Inside this circle, draw a smaller circle so you are left with a hoop shape. You need to make sure your hoop is thick enough to glue on your decorations. Ours is approx. 4cm wide.
  • Now carefully cut this out. If you are setting this as an activity for young children, you will probably need to start off the cutting inside the circle as this will be fiddly.

  • Now choose how you want to decorate your bauble – we made one with gemstones and another with a selection of coloured buttons.
  • Using the PVA glue, stick on your decorations and allow to dry.

  • Once the glue has dried and your gems/buttons are securely fixed, turn your bauble over and glue a loop of ribbon to the reverse.
  • Now all that remains is to hang it to your Christmas tree.

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