Bunny Tea-Light Holder Make

Here is a further make for you to try from our friend at The Crafty Foxes, Michelle.  We have gone with an Easter theme for this craft idea but you can use your own design for any time of year …

You will need the following items:


  • bunny-tea-light-2A Glass or a Jam Jar
  • Paper
  • Sellotape
  • Pens – you can use normal permanent felt tip pens



  1. Decide on your design and draw or print out the shape.  We have used a bunny for ours and a template of the design is attached below
  2. You don’t need any detail on your design, just the outline
  3. Stick the paper inside your glass or jar with a bit of tape or a glue dot
  4. Using permanent marker pens draw dots around the shape
  5. MAKE SURE that you avoid the inside of the shape as this must be left blank
  6. Extend the dots beyond the shape for the desired effect


Also effective on an egg cup or around a plate – however please note that if you are going to do this on a plate or glass to drink from you must use ceramic pens and fix the design in an oven so that it sets.





Step-by-step picture guide:  





Template:   bunny-template – please print this template and resize as required for the size of the item you are decorating.


Until next time – Happy Crafting!!