How To Make A Mother’s Day Vase

This is a great craft for Mother’s Day, to gift with (or without) the paper rose bouquet. This craft makes use of an old glass coffee jar and tissue paper in your choice of colours. The finished craft not only makes a lovely vase for flower arrangements but also looks great as a candle holder with a tea light.

You will need:


  • Start by separating the tissue paper circles into separate sheets. This makes them easier to work with once you start applying the glue

  • Now decide on the design you want to create on your jar and lay this out on your work space so that you are happy with how it looks

  • Lay the jar down and cover a section of the glass in decoupage glue
  • One circle at a time, add the tissue circles. Use your brush to gently smooth down the edges and try to avoid ripping the paper with heavy strokes of your brush
  • Now start on the next section by repeating this process
  • When your jar is completely covered, leave it somewhere safe to dry
  • Once your jar is completely dry, apply a final layer of decoupage glue to seal the design onto your glass and ensure no edges start to peel up
  • After it has fully dried, add any additional embellishment such as glitter, sequins or acrylic jewels
  • Now your finished design is ready to gift to someone special