How To Make A Superhero Peg Puppet



 Be ready for action with these fun superhero peg puppets


Superheroes are BIG news this summer and we’ve created a fun way you can make your favourite character using a dolly peg, pipe cleaner stem and some barrel beads. So if  your kids are crazy about Captain America or silly for Spidey, create these peg puppets for them to battle with.

You will need:

Pipe cleaner stems
Barrel Beads (for the bands)
Colouring pens or paint
Craft Dolly Pegs
Black (fine) pen for the small facial details
Purple Glitter Sparkles



  1. Decide which superhero you want to make and select the best coloured peg for his / her body. We will show you how we made the Incredible Hulk, using a green dolly peg
  2. If your peg needs colouring, do this first with paint or felt tip pen. As our peg is green, we moved straight on to the clothing
  3. Apply some glue to the bottom of your peg (roughly where the shorts should go) and roll the peg in Purple Glitter Sparkles – this will be the shorts for your character
  4. Next take your pipe cleaner stem and attach a similar-coloured barrel bead to each end (securing the bead by folding over the end of the pipe cleaner so it does not fall off the end)
  5. Now cut the pipe cleaner stem in half and glue one to each side of the peg (these will be the arms)
  6. Finish your character by adding detail with pens /paint. We added hair, facial details and muscles using a black fine-tipped pen