Make Your Own Christmas Bauble

Our finished Christmas bauble

Day 2 of our 12 Crafts of Christmas is all about decorating the Christmas tree. This fun bauble make is great for personalising your tree scheme to your room décor and a fun way of bringing a colour pop to your room. We’ve used a selection of decorative paper to showcase how different the end product can look. Our Festive Crafts Paper Bundle is perfect for creating unique and inspiring paper decorations.

You will need:


  • First select some paper for your bauble design. You can either choose the same colour for each leaf or alternate by using paper with a different colour, pattern or texture.

  • Next draw around a cup or lid to give you a small circle. Repeat this eight times on your chosen paper and cut all the circles out.

  • Fold each of your circles in half and stack them on top of each other.
  • Starting from the top, fold back half of the circle and apply glue to the back (top half) and fix this to the bottom half of your next circle. Continue this until all paper circles are stuck together and you have a stack of semi-circles.
  • Now you need to apply some glue to the two (so far, unstuck) semi-circles – these will be pulled around into a bauble shape and stuck together at the next stage. You may also want to apply some glue along the fold so any ribbon or twine you use for hanging your decoration is firmly in place.
  • Now add a ribbon or twine loop to the glued semi-circle edge. Once this is in place, pull out the semi-circles and wrap them around into a bauble shape, pulling the two semi circles together so they meet. Press these firmly together so the glue sticks. You may want to adjust the centre ribbon a little before the glue dries to ensure you are happy with its positioning.


Why not add a bead or bell to your decoration? (above right) Simply thread a bead or two down to the end of your ribbon or twine and secure it with a knot before gluing your bauble in place above it.

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