Spring Craft Ideas

This month, the glorious month of April you will see that spring has indeed sprung, and this month we wanted to celebrate with some fantastic sheepy creations, try our fun spring craft, instructions below.

You can be as inventive as you like with these Ideas, they are all simple, effective and easy to create for any age group. The ranges of materials we have selected can be adjusted for the abilities of your group and all materials are highly sensory and fun to be creative with.

You could create an entire springtime display with these spring craft ideas, just clear a classroom display board and cover with green poster paper rolls, and some green border rolls. Your students can then stick their sheep to the board to create a fantastic green field, the perfect reminder of spring in the classroom.


You will need:

-Coloured paper


Black card

Google eyes

-White paint

-White cupcake wrappers


You could also use:

-Cotton wool balls

-White paper/ card

-White string


Doily sheep


Spring craft sheep

Got a few paper doilies? We’ve got a fun make you can use them for!


1, You will need some black card for the sheep’s legs, cut two thickish strips of black card. In addition to this cut two small oval shapes that will make the ears and lastly one large circle that will be our sheep’s face.


2, Glue the legs to the back of the doily, and glue the head and ears to the front of the doily.


3, Finally stick your googly eyes to the face on the front of the doily.


For a really fun spring display create lots of different size sheep and stick to some green card, you could even paint your doilies to create fantastic Technicolor sheep!


Cupcake case sheep


Spring craft sheep

Next we have come up with a make that you can create using a few cupcake cases, you can use white, but if you only have coloured or patterned cupcake cakes that is fine too, the more colourful our sheep are- the better!


1, Cut out some thickish strips from black card to make the sheep’s legs, next cut a round or oval shape for the sheep’s face and two more smaller oval or round shape bits of card which will make the ears of your sheep.


2, Flatten your cupcake case, this will form a circular shape. Stick this down on some card.


3, Next, add your black shapes, tucking the black strips under the cupcake case for the legs and sticking the face and ears on top of the cupcake case.


4, Lastly add google eyes to your fantastic sheep design.


These make great spring cards if you stick down on a folded piece of A4 card.


Finger paint Sheep!

Spring craft sheep

Our last sheepy creation is slightly messier than the last two because it involves finger painting. We have made our example with white paint, but there is no reason why your sheep can’t be multi-coloured sheep!


1, begin by preparing your legs, tail, face and ears, cut 4 thickish strips of paper to form the legs of your sheep. Next cut a rounded or oval shape for the face and two smaller oval shapes for the ears lastly another oval shape to create a tail for your sheep.


2, Now its time to create the fluffy body of the sheep. On some coloured card finger paint a cloud like shape, this can be in any colour of paint not only white. (If you are doing this with young children make sure the paint you use Is suitable for young children).


3, Now you can put your sheep together, stick the legs, head, ears and tail on your cloud shape.


4, Finish off with some googly eyes and a piece of cotton or ribbon tied into a bow just under your sheep’s chin.


Now there is no excuse for a plain display board with these fun spring craft ideas!