Valentine’s Day Makes

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!  We have teamed up with our favourite crafting expert – Michelle from The Crafty Foxes – to come up with some fabulous craft ideas that you can make at home or in the classroom that will be just perfect for Valentine’s Day on 14th February …..



Let’s get started – here’s a list of everything you will need:

  • A4 card
  • Scissors or a small guillotine
  • Stapler
  • Glue Dots
  • Ribbon


Here’s what you need to do:


1.  Start by cutting the card into strips – we cut our card lengthways into around 5cm wide strips which made 8 strips – the perfect number for making a wreath

2.  Bend each strip of card gently in half and staple the bottom

3.  Fold the top in and crease the card then glue dot it into place so that you are making a heart shape

4.  Repeat this will all 8 strips


5.  Now that you have made your 8 hearts you can place the hearts into a wreath shape

6.  When you are happy with the shape place a glue dot at the top and bottom of each heart so that it sticks to the one next to it



7.  Get a good length of ribbon, you’ll need enough to be able to hang your wreath,  fold in half and tie a nice bow or knot at the top (try a bit of curling to make it extra nice!) and secure the folded edge in-between two of the hearts with some glue dots

8.  Finished – a fabulous heart shaped wreath which is just perfect to display on Valentine’s Day




Or why not try using double-sided card or glittery paper/card- for colour inside and out!





What will you need:


Let’s get crafty ….

1.  Start by brushing PVA Glue all over the jar, you don’t need too much just a thin layer

2.  Now choose the while circles from your pack of tissue circles and stick these tissue circles onto the jar so it is completely covered on the outside

3.  Next we have to leave it to dry – be patient, the longer you can leave it to dry off the better!

4.  Whilst we are waiting let’s cut out hearts.  We have used red on our jar but pink would look good too …. when you are happy with them, stick them on and let them dry

5.  To get it glowing just add a tea-light or a battery operated light and watch it glow – just perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Until next time, keep crafting …..

The Bright Ideas Team & Michelle from The Crafty Foxes x